Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zipping is more fun with my Baby Love

One of the activity we've prepared for our Tita Baby & Company's vacation is to visit Camp Sabros. We want them to enjoy and maximize their 5 days trip here in Mindanao. Camp Sabros Invasion was made possible on Day 3 of their vacation October 20, 2012. We have lots of fun 98% of us were all first timers except for my brother Aris who been in this place for several times. Thanks bro for insisting to include this place in our iterinary. We enjoyed zipping.... we conquered our fear of heights. This  adventure is very memorable  for me because its my first zip line experience and it's more special because I zip with my darling Andrea. I am so proud of her because she was so calm and no trace of fear on her face, she enjoyed it a lot.... Zipping at Camp Sabros is indeed more fun with your loveones!
I am so thrilled while preparing for our launched... my baby looks so calm, am so proud of her!
We're hanging on the air by this time.... took one more shot while enjoying our trip to nature

 riding the cable cart lift going back to the  Base Camp
My baby is enjoying our ride going back to the Base Camp...

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