Friday, November 30, 2012

Quote for the day!

I believe in this words and it never fails to inspire me more! I love Brainy Quote! I hope others can relate too. Have a blessed Friday everyone! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ate's Girl!

My daughter is very hook with her ate Aleighx Fym.... she really loves being with her ate as always! This picture is one of their sweetest moment together. They both look beautiful even without combing their hairs lol! Love 'em both!
One of the mo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Please revive!

I hope my favorite PC will be revive, I already talk to the technician and he told me that he need  to do some completely wipe hard drive test for it to run again. I am really hoping it will be fix as soonest as possible, I need to retrieve all my files. Though I have some back ups but I forgot to save some important documents of my boss. Please Mr. Technician fix it....

Light moments with the Canadians!

These are some of my favorite pictures during the 6  days & 5 nighst visit of Tita Baby & Company from October 18-23, 2012. We really had a good time from day 1 to the last day. According to our visitors, this is one of the most enjoyable trips they have experience. Hearing those words is very flattering! More trips to come soon!
One of my favorite pictures with my Tita Baby in Blue blouse, Tito Red in Red jacket and Tita Fidez in black!

Sabros souvenir shot

Going to Lake Agco