Monday, December 10, 2012


Despite of what happened to him yesterday, PACMAN is still a HERO. He brought so much pride to our country. His lose is our lose, his pride is our pride.... We're here for you Pacman... Win or lose your still the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world. PACMAN FOR LIFE!

Cooking test

My daughter loves to eat pancake. One day I miss look to buy a Pre-mix product of her favorite snack. I don't want to break her mood  because of my fault,  so I decide bake my own homemade recipe. Thanks goodness because my mom has a stock of fermenters that would help my pancake look good and of course taste yummy. So thankful because my lovey loves it... she told me mama next time again....  :)

A Great Fall of a Great Boxer.

Every person has its great moment and also has its great fall. As I watched yesterday fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao for the fourth time  and seeing the People's Champ lying on the canvass on a TKO on the 6 round. I was so sad and hoping he will be fine  without any severe injury that would affect him for life. As a Filipino, my world stop but it is life. Pacman brought a lot of Pride to all Filipinos and  as a sportsman himself he knows every game has a winner; unfortunately Pacman suffered a great lose. Yes, Juan Manuel Marquez was vindicated with this fight but am so proud of Pacman hence he accepts his defeat with all humility in his heart. Truly a Heart of a Champion. You need not to prove anything Manny you brought so much PRIDE to the Filipino People. You're still our PEOPLE'S CHAMPION!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ethel's X'mas Tree Creations!

Am so proud of my best friend's creation! In this picture you can see how beautiful and creative her artwork was. She is indeed an artist in her own big way lol! If you want to have this kind of wonderful tree, its not too late, feel free to contact me :)

Good Luck AJ

My little bro AJ is now developing his skills on web building and designing. I hope he can fulfill his dreams of being one of the the best website builder in 2012. Good luck dear brother, its not too late  to conquer it. I know your mom and dad is so proud of you. Wish you all the best, I know you can make it because you love your family so much! Ciao!