Thursday, December 5, 2013

Future vocalist!

Seen the video of my batch-mates daughter singing soulfully. OMG, she is so good, Neb is so proud of her little princess. No reason for him not to buy acoustic bass amp as a Christmas present hahaha! For sure Naomi's performance would be greater than the last times performance. Am thinking what would his twins would be playing soon, guitar, violin, drums or trumphet... it remain to be seen!

Mix Emotions!

Just a few hours ago, I saw something on my page! I don't know what to feel, its all mix emotions! When I talked to my friend who is the owner of that picture,  revelations came out. Now understand the situation why rainbow colors turned to black for quite sometime. Reality hurts but it must be face positively. Life must go on and turned those days to memories. Move on and continue our lives :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Standing Strong After the Hit of Monster Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Credit to the Rightful owner of the Photo: Mr Rommel L. Rutor and page of SCAN International
To God Be the Glory! Our church in Tacloban City is standing strong after monster typhoon Yolanda hit the  Visayas Region.This picture shows how GOD protected HIS church in this last days! Thousandths of people lost their lives and billionths of livelihood and infrastructure were damage on this catastrophe yet with HIS protection his Church remain standing. To date with the leadership of our   Church Administrations the whole Church is extending its help through the FYM Foundation to all its members affected as well as our fellow kababayan's in the Visayas area. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Timely Gift

 My niece who is working at Dubai United Arab Emirates promise to give me a new speaker stand adapter when she learned that mine got wrecked l due to  short circuit 3 weeks ago. Thanks dear Hazel for that gift. I can't wait to have it next month. I can emote again using that accessory hahahaha.... I miss you my dear and see you this December!  

Thanks for making Papa Love Happy on this 67th bday!

Papa Love celebrated his 67th birthday at Madonna General Hospital due to hypertension and diabetes! The whole family was so worried when he almost faint  after ministering our 7 am worship service.  God is so good to us because he still guided us specially Papa Love! We admitted papa love  for him to recover fast. When his siblings and nieces knew his health condition they immediately visited papa after 24 hours of confinement. They makes papa love very happy on his 67th birthday though he was still on the hospital. My aunties, cousins and nieces came all the way from Pikit Cotabato, so touch for their concern. They leave their respective businesses on that day just to visit Papa Love, thank you very much. You presence makes papa  very happy and  inspires him to recovered as soonest as possible,  because he felt your love and concern to him. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Help our Kababayans!

The recent magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hits the province of  Bohol  kills a lot of people, caused severe damage of  properties and almost taken  peoples  main  means of living which is tourism. For more than a week rescue and retrieval activities is still on going. The National Government, different Non-Government Organization and Religious organization were working hand in hand in giving relief assistance to our affected Boholano brothers and sisters. Let's help our fellow Kababayan through Bayanihan and lets help build  their homes again. Were praying for their speedy recovery!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being Positive

When I look back my past, I can't imagine am still existing now! Yes, I may have my flaws during my younger years but all are lessons to be learned. I never questioned HIM why it happened to me yet  Am thankful to our Dear Creator for the trials and shortcomings I've experience because HE made me who I am today. HE just molded me to become purer than ever and prepared me for whom will I am become in the near future! HE knows my heart and I know HE loves me!

From XXL to Medium !

A year ago my plus size modest swimwear was size  XXL but now am proud to say that it change to Medium size after of low carbo diet. It was a great achievement on my part because my patience pays off. Not eating rice for more than a year was not easy but with discipline and determination I've made it. I hope next year I'll be wearing S or XS lol! Feeling positive :)


Hi Folks, after almost two  months of being inactive, am back again to the blogger world. Recently, I was so disappointed because my other blog Briggs Time for Escapade was not renewed automatically. I have tried my best to renew it on manual basis yet it was a failure. It rocks my world and I blew my mind of not blogging again. Two weeks ago, I have a chance to chat with my mentor in blogging and she urge me to try it again. She open up my mind that's why am back lol! Anyways, every blogger has its on ups and downs and maybe its normal to experience it. I wish I can gain back my pace on the world of blogging this coming days! Thanks guys for still visiting my blog.... 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cebu's Finest

Found a new friend in the person of Sir Vincent of Emerald Agency. As our conversation goes by, he mentioned bout Cebu's Finest guitar and I remember cheap bongos at musicians friend  of mine who have guitar collections. Sir Vincent invited us to visit Cebu and am so excited cause I and my bff Iris is planning to go their in the month of October. Hope everything will turn as it is plan!

Healthy Eating

It's been a year since I've practice healthy eating! I strictly discipline myself of not eating rice anymore. So glad I've survive for more than a year now and hoping I can sustain it forever lol! These menu is the usual food I take specially during breakfast. I loved eating vegetables and of course grilled chicken meat without skin!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Voice of the Philippines

I love watching this Reality TV Show, I have one favorite artist who joined the  Team Kawayan's team, her name is Lee Grayne, she was amazing. Every time she sang and played her guitar, I am totally mesmerized by her voice. I wonder if she had experience cheap takamine bass at guitar center on her younger years. I totally admire anyone who plays guitar very well cause that was my frustration I don't know how to play it!

Wedding Souvenir Photo

Its my baby love's first time to be a flower girl on Michelle and Jeph's wedding! So proud of her cause she  behaves well. She told me that she looks like a princess on her dress which I seconded, she is indeed so pretty on her gown. We took the opportunity to have a souvenir on a photo both courtesy of ChinaGap Events. The pose was awesome, I love it!

Ma'am Lyn's wish

It's been a year since I never seen my good friend Ma'am Lynn. Last week,  a good news greeted my page saying am 3 weeks pregnant, wow, were so glad knowing that one! Since, Ma'am Lynn is staying at Baguio city she needs to upgrade her fireplace shelves for their protection. His cousin Sir O, visited her 2 days ago and know what lucky mommy her wish was then granted. Lucky preggy :)

Comprehensive Check-Up!

I thought I was healthy since I started my diet a year ago! Three weeks ago I attended a blood letting activity. I was so excited to donate my blood til the medic team discovered that my BLOOD PRESSURE was so high 140/100. I was so shock cause my normal BP was 120/80. They keep me rested for 30 minutes but then same result was taken, I waited another hour hoping it will drop down but unfortunately it rose up to 160/110. I was panicking cause I can't believe it, I thought I was healthy and I don't feel anything in my body. I decided to consult our family doctor and these are some of the test I've been through. During testing period am praying everything will be ok and GOD answered my prayers, all are NORMAL. To God be the Glory! My doctor advice me to trim down my sodium intake and no caffeine intake anymore. Now, am taking my maintenance for 15 days and wishing all will be back to normal again!  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Good for the Kids

My nephew is now starting to learn how to cook. From now on I need to have a safety knives in my kitchen for the kids. Am excited  to teach my nephew and nieces how to cook. Can't wait the day when 4 of us will be together in the cooking area and sharing ideas on our menus. Time flew so fast, am now startint to mentor them but I love it!

Thanks for mentoring!

So lucky to have real friends who became my mentors in all aspect of life. Yesterday, I found a new mentor in the person of Mama Lourdes, I love her thought. Am so touch with her wisdom in life. She is indeed a GURU for me. Thanks also ate Jean for introducing me to her, can't wait to be with her in Gensan one of this days!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Talented Bitoy!

Michael V is  not only known  for  impersonating well-known personalities but also for his creative directing. This person never fails to surprise the crowd when he played  instruments by getzen! He is a total performer, my admiration to him as an artist is getting higher. Well done Bitoy, your such an inspiration. I wish I can watch you performing LIVE soon!

Dance Recital 2013

This year my nephew Andrei Briggs, nieces Alxia Gem and Aleighx Fym enrolled Sir Xydon's Summer Camp Dance Class. It lasted for 7 weeks and the kids really enjoyed it! During the recital were full force, of course Stage Aunt was there to give 1000% support LOL!

Change for the better!

Last weekend, I had a chance to reorganized my bedroom. Unused clothes were packed though not at all but I wish I can fully clean my closet very very soon. When I did vacuuming the whole room, I noticed the foam of my bed, its been 5 years since I bought that one yet it still durable. I want to do a make over on my room and this time with a foambymail bean bag chairs on the side, yay! can't wait for it!

Nice to back Again!

Its been a month I haven't visited nor make any posting on my two blogs! Now, I just realize that I was been  busy with my work LOL! Anyways, am feeling great coz I bounce back once again. Am here doing some posting and updating you guys! I wish I can do it regularly! Feeling happy to be here once again :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mama needs it!

Dear mama love's spin dryer was damage. I feel bad bout it specially now that rainy season is coming! I have scouted online and thank you to PS978STSS for giving me some idea. I will try my very best to get a new one for mama love.Don't wori mama dear, just wait for our belated mother's day gift hehehehe, we love you!

Big Bro Bday!

Been so lucky to have a big brother like my Kuya Arnel. He is always there for all of us in the family. He might  talk  frequently but his acts is more than enough to show how much he loves us. Happy Birthdy day dear big bro, we love you so much!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I miss my FT account!

Its been 5 months since I stop playing my favorite online farming game FT! I miss decorating my farms specially that now I've seen how beautiful soothing large floor fountains is lately! How I wish I could have still find time to visit the site once in a while and play even for few hours. I miss those days, interacting with friends and helping one another harvesting our crops LOL! 


I always believe that every person is unique and beautiful in every way! I am  so blessed  and verty thanksful that I am surrounded by beautiful people as well. To God Be the Glory!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excited for the recital!

So excited for my nieces and nephew's recital come May 18, 2013. Yesterday, I have attended the meeting for the upcoming event and am so glad for the turn out of events. The kids will surely shine during that day and we parents can't wait to see how good they will be performing! Big brother already buy telecaster bridge for Ate Alxia and the costumes will follow this coming Saturday! We are all excited, yahoo!

Quotes from my BFF!

Thank you Ethel Vera Dear for this wonderful quote! You really know how to inspire me everyday! Thank you dear for the gift of friendship you've shared, I love you my dear BFF!

Friday, April 12, 2013

| want to have this!

As an online buyer and seller we love to deal our gadgets anytime if want to change it. One major problem is how to totally erase all the data stored on  a particular equipment specially if it is a Personal Computer or laptop! Thanks to this Iolo hard drive eraser because my worries has been vanished. This is a must have software for me. I can't wait to have my own copy!

Reunited after 20 years!

After 20 long years, we finally have our Batch Reunion! It was indeed a memorable event! I do enjoy seeing my old friends during High School Days. A lot of memories was reminisce. The camaraderie doesn't change,we miss each others company! One day  is not enough to bond with them....we will do it again for sure! Thanks for the time guys, I love being with your company again. Till then....

After 20 long years reunited with one of my best buddy during our HS days Engr. Kramneb!
Enjoying the moment with our Mentors Ma'am Jakosalem and Ma'am Merced!
HS life is still the best!
My dabarkads during HS... walang nagbago sa kalokohan... Sizes lang ang nag change lols!

Perfectly Said!

I just wanna share something that catches my attention! I love it, it was perfectly said! I know a lot of you guys can relate to this. This would really touched your heart! It feels good to be in love :)

I believe that love comes unexpectedly and often accidentally. It comes of times we don’t expect. Sometimes it comes in wrong timing and wrong situation. When there is someone we love but you can never be with because of unexplained situation. You never know that a person you’ve been with in how many days, months and years. Is the one you may fall for. You fall in love with someone you don’t expect and you don’t know what are the reason why you fall for him/her. You can’t explain what is really mattered but all you knew is whenever you think about him/her whenever you with him/her there is a great joy and feeling inside of your heart. ♥

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I really agree with this sayings! Its never to late to dream even were aging.I do admire my friends who pursue their dreams despite of everything! My Ate Vilma is a living proof of this. Her children are now both professionals and very successful with their own fields. Now, its ate Bing's time to shine!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grab a Knob!

Last week, got a my new door locks from handles at I am now worry free and I can sleep with matching snores LOL! Thank to my big brother for being my Handy Manny all the time.... It's just like I break it and He will fix it hahaha...  Your skills in fixing almost everything is indeed one of a kind. So lucky to have you kuya! mwah!

Batch '93 Dream Reunion

After 20 long years, the much awaited Dream Reunion of Batch '93 will finally happen come March 30, 2013 to be held at Alnor Convention Center, Cotabato City! We are all excited for that day to come. I salute to the organizer of this reunion headed by the ever dynamic Dhang K. Omar. Your dedication was truly appreciated.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Despite of!

Despite of the smoking ban in our city cigar deals still is very hot. In fact, a very close friend of mine is so fanatic of this product. I guess smoking is a great part of her life. It make her alive and makes her feel so young  hahahaha! In fairness this product makes my friend very happy that's the very reason I don't hinder her happiness. She is indeed a spoiled brat on that matter lol!

They did it again!

When they presented their certificates to me when I fetch them in school, I can't hide my happiness. My nephew Andrei and niece Aleighx once again made it to the top. So proud of our Aces. The whole family is so proud of you. Kuya Dei and Ate Aleighx keep it up! Congratulations! Stage Aunt is very proud!

Yey, Summer is here!

Can't wait to buy Guild Guitars for my dear nephew Andrei Briggs this summer. As plan he will be enrolling for a music class specializing on guitar playing. Yey, stage aunt is so excited to see his little price playing guitar on the stage. Am sure he will be enjoying his summer vacation, I wish it will become successful so that drums will be next in line, wink!

Overwhelming Turn-out!

We prayed for a successful Job Fair but GOD is so good to us, the result is indeed overwhelming.We have assisted almost 900 hopeful applicants. Its really a big Salvo on the opening day of the 15th Foundation Anniversary celebration of Kidapawan city. Thank you to the 26 overseas and local agencies for participating the event. Your presence during the occasion is very much appreciated. To my co-PESO staff and of course to our dynamic PESO Manager Congratulations! cheers!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sideline can be our best line

My dear cousin Edel enjoyed his sideline as car-lifter in United Arab Emirates. When he let me saw the 4 post lifts he used, I was so amazed. He is doing it for 5 years now and according to him he will continue it till he reached his 80's lol! He is so funny. Good luck dear cousin, I know your enjoying your side line and it will become your best line soon. 

Thanks Ma!

This quote touch my heart, its so true... no one can question the love of mother to her son and daughter. A mother's love is always immeasurable. Our mom can be our best critique but she  will always be our number one (1) fan. We're so lucky to have moms... I love you Mama, your the BEST!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I believe!

Regardless of status in life everyone  experienced disappointments and we have our own ups and down drama. As I see this quote " I feel so inspired" it is so true. I believe that everything that happens to me; GOD has a purpose and its for the  Best. All we need is hang-on,be prayerful and believe in HIM with all of our heart.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why it happened?

A lot of crimes is shocking the world and Philippines is not an exception to this, horrible events. For sure police officers are now busy investigating and having criminal background check  to all the suspects involved. I hope and wish that justice will be given to the victims  so that the feeling of  whooping family will be lessen. Am praying for justice and Peace on our place!

MK Blues!

I love MK products as I love this bumble bees. Its been 3 years since I become a certified Mary Kay user and I continuous to love it. This year another milestone will be on tract to this wonderful company hence they will mark its GOLDEN ANNIVERSAY , Fifty (50) long years of sharing elite ideas and superb products. I am one big proud Mary Kay User!

Updating my protection

In year 2012, we encountered a lot of malwares and viruses through internet connection and it causes a lot of problems with our PC's. We have learned our lesson and this year we don't want it to happen again. I requested our purchasing officer to supply us a certified softwaresecuritysolutions for ESET NOD32 Antivirus, so thankful because it was granted. Happy PC's 2013 :)

Truly an Amazing Love!

I knew this pretty lady through my little sessie FJ.Since then I already venture her love story. I adore the love that his hubby showered to her. They both love being together and travel the most wonderful places in the world. This is the latest tour that they have in Morocco. Since 2008, I noticed they sealed with a kiss every time they visited lovely places, truly an amazing couple! :)
Mary and hubby James

Once a Hobby its always be a Hobby!

Big Bro Jerry ( in black jacket|) with his friend during the cycling event in Ireland
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When my big brother Jerry was still here in the Philippines he already love bikes, In fact, he had his own customize bike store in our town. When they decided to move in Ireland, its an open surprise that he continuous his hobby.  This is  the thule bike rack  that he used every time he want to go on trailing. Now I believe  once a hobby it will always be a hobby. :)

What a Start!

Happy New Year everyone.... its been a month since the last time I posted on this page, it makes me sad :(. I haven't notice time flew so fast... anyways, another year is here and I hope I can still manage to post regular blogs on my two sites. First quarter of 2013 is truly a busy days for me. I just hope time management could help me finish my work load proficiently.