Friday, January 18, 2013

I believe!

Regardless of status in life everyone  experienced disappointments and we have our own ups and down drama. As I see this quote " I feel so inspired" it is so true. I believe that everything that happens to me; GOD has a purpose and its for the  Best. All we need is hang-on,be prayerful and believe in HIM with all of our heart.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Why it happened?

A lot of crimes is shocking the world and Philippines is not an exception to this, horrible events. For sure police officers are now busy investigating and having criminal background check  to all the suspects involved. I hope and wish that justice will be given to the victims  so that the feeling of  whooping family will be lessen. Am praying for justice and Peace on our place!

MK Blues!

I love MK products as I love this bumble bees. Its been 3 years since I become a certified Mary Kay user and I continuous to love it. This year another milestone will be on tract to this wonderful company hence they will mark its GOLDEN ANNIVERSAY , Fifty (50) long years of sharing elite ideas and superb products. I am one big proud Mary Kay User!

Updating my protection

In year 2012, we encountered a lot of malwares and viruses through internet connection and it causes a lot of problems with our PC's. We have learned our lesson and this year we don't want it to happen again. I requested our purchasing officer to supply us a certified softwaresecuritysolutions for ESET NOD32 Antivirus, so thankful because it was granted. Happy PC's 2013 :)

Truly an Amazing Love!

I knew this pretty lady through my little sessie FJ.Since then I already venture her love story. I adore the love that his hubby showered to her. They both love being together and travel the most wonderful places in the world. This is the latest tour that they have in Morocco. Since 2008, I noticed they sealed with a kiss every time they visited lovely places, truly an amazing couple! :)
Mary and hubby James

Once a Hobby its always be a Hobby!

Big Bro Jerry ( in black jacket|) with his friend during the cycling event in Ireland
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When my big brother Jerry was still here in the Philippines he already love bikes, In fact, he had his own customize bike store in our town. When they decided to move in Ireland, its an open surprise that he continuous his hobby.  This is  the thule bike rack  that he used every time he want to go on trailing. Now I believe  once a hobby it will always be a hobby. :)

What a Start!

Happy New Year everyone.... its been a month since the last time I posted on this page, it makes me sad :(. I haven't notice time flew so fast... anyways, another year is here and I hope I can still manage to post regular blogs on my two sites. First quarter of 2013 is truly a busy days for me. I just hope time management could help me finish my work load proficiently.