Thursday, February 28, 2013

Despite of!

Despite of the smoking ban in our city cigar deals still is very hot. In fact, a very close friend of mine is so fanatic of this product. I guess smoking is a great part of her life. It make her alive and makes her feel so young  hahahaha! In fairness this product makes my friend very happy that's the very reason I don't hinder her happiness. She is indeed a spoiled brat on that matter lol!

They did it again!

When they presented their certificates to me when I fetch them in school, I can't hide my happiness. My nephew Andrei and niece Aleighx once again made it to the top. So proud of our Aces. The whole family is so proud of you. Kuya Dei and Ate Aleighx keep it up! Congratulations! Stage Aunt is very proud!

Yey, Summer is here!

Can't wait to buy Guild Guitars for my dear nephew Andrei Briggs this summer. As plan he will be enrolling for a music class specializing on guitar playing. Yey, stage aunt is so excited to see his little price playing guitar on the stage. Am sure he will be enjoying his summer vacation, I wish it will become successful so that drums will be next in line, wink!

Overwhelming Turn-out!

We prayed for a successful Job Fair but GOD is so good to us, the result is indeed overwhelming.We have assisted almost 900 hopeful applicants. Its really a big Salvo on the opening day of the 15th Foundation Anniversary celebration of Kidapawan city. Thank you to the 26 overseas and local agencies for participating the event. Your presence during the occasion is very much appreciated. To my co-PESO staff and of course to our dynamic PESO Manager Congratulations! cheers!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sideline can be our best line

My dear cousin Edel enjoyed his sideline as car-lifter in United Arab Emirates. When he let me saw the 4 post lifts he used, I was so amazed. He is doing it for 5 years now and according to him he will continue it till he reached his 80's lol! He is so funny. Good luck dear cousin, I know your enjoying your side line and it will become your best line soon. 

Thanks Ma!

This quote touch my heart, its so true... no one can question the love of mother to her son and daughter. A mother's love is always immeasurable. Our mom can be our best critique but she  will always be our number one (1) fan. We're so lucky to have moms... I love you Mama, your the BEST!