Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I really agree with this sayings! Its never to late to dream even were aging.I do admire my friends who pursue their dreams despite of everything! My Ate Vilma is a living proof of this. Her children are now both professionals and very successful with their own fields. Now, its ate Bing's time to shine!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grab a Knob!

Last week, got a my new door locks from handles at I am now worry free and I can sleep with matching snores LOL! Thank to my big brother for being my Handy Manny all the time.... It's just like I break it and He will fix it hahaha...  Your skills in fixing almost everything is indeed one of a kind. So lucky to have you kuya! mwah!

Batch '93 Dream Reunion

After 20 long years, the much awaited Dream Reunion of Batch '93 will finally happen come March 30, 2013 to be held at Alnor Convention Center, Cotabato City! We are all excited for that day to come. I salute to the organizer of this reunion headed by the ever dynamic Dhang K. Omar. Your dedication was truly appreciated.