Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excited for the recital!

So excited for my nieces and nephew's recital come May 18, 2013. Yesterday, I have attended the meeting for the upcoming event and am so glad for the turn out of events. The kids will surely shine during that day and we parents can't wait to see how good they will be performing! Big brother already buy telecaster bridge for Ate Alxia and the costumes will follow this coming Saturday! We are all excited, yahoo!

Quotes from my BFF!

Thank you Ethel Vera Dear for this wonderful quote! You really know how to inspire me everyday! Thank you dear for the gift of friendship you've shared, I love you my dear BFF!

Friday, April 12, 2013

| want to have this!

As an online buyer and seller we love to deal our gadgets anytime if want to change it. One major problem is how to totally erase all the data stored on  a particular equipment specially if it is a Personal Computer or laptop! Thanks to this Iolo hard drive eraser because my worries has been vanished. This is a must have software for me. I can't wait to have my own copy!

Reunited after 20 years!

After 20 long years, we finally have our Batch Reunion! It was indeed a memorable event! I do enjoy seeing my old friends during High School Days. A lot of memories was reminisce. The camaraderie doesn't change,we miss each others company! One day  is not enough to bond with them....we will do it again for sure! Thanks for the time guys, I love being with your company again. Till then....

After 20 long years reunited with one of my best buddy during our HS days Engr. Kramneb!
Enjoying the moment with our Mentors Ma'am Jakosalem and Ma'am Merced!
HS life is still the best!
My dabarkads during HS... walang nagbago sa kalokohan... Sizes lang ang nag change lols!

Perfectly Said!

I just wanna share something that catches my attention! I love it, it was perfectly said! I know a lot of you guys can relate to this. This would really touched your heart! It feels good to be in love :)

I believe that love comes unexpectedly and often accidentally. It comes of times we don’t expect. Sometimes it comes in wrong timing and wrong situation. When there is someone we love but you can never be with because of unexplained situation. You never know that a person you’ve been with in how many days, months and years. Is the one you may fall for. You fall in love with someone you don’t expect and you don’t know what are the reason why you fall for him/her. You can’t explain what is really mattered but all you knew is whenever you think about him/her whenever you with him/her there is a great joy and feeling inside of your heart. ♥