Friday, April 12, 2013

Reunited after 20 years!

After 20 long years, we finally have our Batch Reunion! It was indeed a memorable event! I do enjoy seeing my old friends during High School Days. A lot of memories was reminisce. The camaraderie doesn't change,we miss each others company! One day  is not enough to bond with them....we will do it again for sure! Thanks for the time guys, I love being with your company again. Till then....

After 20 long years reunited with one of my best buddy during our HS days Engr. Kramneb!
Enjoying the moment with our Mentors Ma'am Jakosalem and Ma'am Merced!
HS life is still the best!
My dabarkads during HS... walang nagbago sa kalokohan... Sizes lang ang nag change lols!

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