Monday, June 24, 2013

Talented Bitoy!

Michael V is  not only known  for  impersonating well-known personalities but also for his creative directing. This person never fails to surprise the crowd when he played  instruments by getzen! He is a total performer, my admiration to him as an artist is getting higher. Well done Bitoy, your such an inspiration. I wish I can watch you performing LIVE soon!

Dance Recital 2013

This year my nephew Andrei Briggs, nieces Alxia Gem and Aleighx Fym enrolled Sir Xydon's Summer Camp Dance Class. It lasted for 7 weeks and the kids really enjoyed it! During the recital were full force, of course Stage Aunt was there to give 1000% support LOL!

Change for the better!

Last weekend, I had a chance to reorganized my bedroom. Unused clothes were packed though not at all but I wish I can fully clean my closet very very soon. When I did vacuuming the whole room, I noticed the foam of my bed, its been 5 years since I bought that one yet it still durable. I want to do a make over on my room and this time with a foambymail bean bag chairs on the side, yay! can't wait for it!

Nice to back Again!

Its been a month I haven't visited nor make any posting on my two blogs! Now, I just realize that I was been  busy with my work LOL! Anyways, am feeling great coz I bounce back once again. Am here doing some posting and updating you guys! I wish I can do it regularly! Feeling happy to be here once again :)