Friday, August 2, 2013

Cebu's Finest

Found a new friend in the person of Sir Vincent of Emerald Agency. As our conversation goes by, he mentioned bout Cebu's Finest guitar and I remember cheap bongos at musicians friend  of mine who have guitar collections. Sir Vincent invited us to visit Cebu and am so excited cause I and my bff Iris is planning to go their in the month of October. Hope everything will turn as it is plan!

Healthy Eating

It's been a year since I've practice healthy eating! I strictly discipline myself of not eating rice anymore. So glad I've survive for more than a year now and hoping I can sustain it forever lol! These menu is the usual food I take specially during breakfast. I loved eating vegetables and of course grilled chicken meat without skin!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Voice of the Philippines

I love watching this Reality TV Show, I have one favorite artist who joined the  Team Kawayan's team, her name is Lee Grayne, she was amazing. Every time she sang and played her guitar, I am totally mesmerized by her voice. I wonder if she had experience cheap takamine bass at guitar center on her younger years. I totally admire anyone who plays guitar very well cause that was my frustration I don't know how to play it!

Wedding Souvenir Photo

Its my baby love's first time to be a flower girl on Michelle and Jeph's wedding! So proud of her cause she  behaves well. She told me that she looks like a princess on her dress which I seconded, she is indeed so pretty on her gown. We took the opportunity to have a souvenir on a photo both courtesy of ChinaGap Events. The pose was awesome, I love it!

Ma'am Lyn's wish

It's been a year since I never seen my good friend Ma'am Lynn. Last week,  a good news greeted my page saying am 3 weeks pregnant, wow, were so glad knowing that one! Since, Ma'am Lynn is staying at Baguio city she needs to upgrade her fireplace shelves for their protection. His cousin Sir O, visited her 2 days ago and know what lucky mommy her wish was then granted. Lucky preggy :)

Comprehensive Check-Up!

I thought I was healthy since I started my diet a year ago! Three weeks ago I attended a blood letting activity. I was so excited to donate my blood til the medic team discovered that my BLOOD PRESSURE was so high 140/100. I was so shock cause my normal BP was 120/80. They keep me rested for 30 minutes but then same result was taken, I waited another hour hoping it will drop down but unfortunately it rose up to 160/110. I was panicking cause I can't believe it, I thought I was healthy and I don't feel anything in my body. I decided to consult our family doctor and these are some of the test I've been through. During testing period am praying everything will be ok and GOD answered my prayers, all are NORMAL. To God be the Glory! My doctor advice me to trim down my sodium intake and no caffeine intake anymore. Now, am taking my maintenance for 15 days and wishing all will be back to normal again!