Thursday, August 1, 2013

Comprehensive Check-Up!

I thought I was healthy since I started my diet a year ago! Three weeks ago I attended a blood letting activity. I was so excited to donate my blood til the medic team discovered that my BLOOD PRESSURE was so high 140/100. I was so shock cause my normal BP was 120/80. They keep me rested for 30 minutes but then same result was taken, I waited another hour hoping it will drop down but unfortunately it rose up to 160/110. I was panicking cause I can't believe it, I thought I was healthy and I don't feel anything in my body. I decided to consult our family doctor and these are some of the test I've been through. During testing period am praying everything will be ok and GOD answered my prayers, all are NORMAL. To God be the Glory! My doctor advice me to trim down my sodium intake and no caffeine intake anymore. Now, am taking my maintenance for 15 days and wishing all will be back to normal again!  

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