Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Help our Kababayans!

The recent magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hits the province of  Bohol  kills a lot of people, caused severe damage of  properties and almost taken  peoples  main  means of living which is tourism. For more than a week rescue and retrieval activities is still on going. The National Government, different Non-Government Organization and Religious organization were working hand in hand in giving relief assistance to our affected Boholano brothers and sisters. Let's help our fellow Kababayan through Bayanihan and lets help build  their homes again. Were praying for their speedy recovery!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being Positive

When I look back my past, I can't imagine am still existing now! Yes, I may have my flaws during my younger years but all are lessons to be learned. I never questioned HIM why it happened to me yet  Am thankful to our Dear Creator for the trials and shortcomings I've experience because HE made me who I am today. HE just molded me to become purer than ever and prepared me for whom will I am become in the near future! HE knows my heart and I know HE loves me!

From XXL to Medium !

A year ago my plus size modest swimwear was size  XXL but now am proud to say that it change to Medium size after of low carbo diet. It was a great achievement on my part because my patience pays off. Not eating rice for more than a year was not easy but with discipline and determination I've made it. I hope next year I'll be wearing S or XS lol! Feeling positive :)


Hi Folks, after almost two  months of being inactive, am back again to the blogger world. Recently, I was so disappointed because my other blog Briggs Time for Escapade was not renewed automatically. I have tried my best to renew it on manual basis yet it was a failure. It rocks my world and I blew my mind of not blogging again. Two weeks ago, I have a chance to chat with my mentor in blogging and she urge me to try it again. She open up my mind that's why am back lol! Anyways, every blogger has its on ups and downs and maybe its normal to experience it. I wish I can gain back my pace on the world of blogging this coming days! Thanks guys for still visiting my blog....