Saturday, November 30, 2013

Standing Strong After the Hit of Monster Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Credit to the Rightful owner of the Photo: Mr Rommel L. Rutor and page of SCAN International
To God Be the Glory! Our church in Tacloban City is standing strong after monster typhoon Yolanda hit the  Visayas Region.This picture shows how GOD protected HIS church in this last days! Thousandths of people lost their lives and billionths of livelihood and infrastructure were damage on this catastrophe yet with HIS protection his Church remain standing. To date with the leadership of our   Church Administrations the whole Church is extending its help through the FYM Foundation to all its members affected as well as our fellow kababayan's in the Visayas area. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Timely Gift

 My niece who is working at Dubai United Arab Emirates promise to give me a new speaker stand adapter when she learned that mine got wrecked l due to  short circuit 3 weeks ago. Thanks dear Hazel for that gift. I can't wait to have it next month. I can emote again using that accessory hahahaha.... I miss you my dear and see you this December!  

Thanks for making Papa Love Happy on this 67th bday!

Papa Love celebrated his 67th birthday at Madonna General Hospital due to hypertension and diabetes! The whole family was so worried when he almost faint  after ministering our 7 am worship service.  God is so good to us because he still guided us specially Papa Love! We admitted papa love  for him to recover fast. When his siblings and nieces knew his health condition they immediately visited papa after 24 hours of confinement. They makes papa love very happy on his 67th birthday though he was still on the hospital. My aunties, cousins and nieces came all the way from Pikit Cotabato, so touch for their concern. They leave their respective businesses on that day just to visit Papa Love, thank you very much. You presence makes papa  very happy and  inspires him to recovered as soonest as possible,  because he felt your love and concern to him.