Friday, July 18, 2014

My little munchin's wish

At the age of 5 my little princess is now wishing to have her own wrist watch and it should be color blue. The mom is a little bit pressured, thanks to for giving me some ideas what to buy for her and of course for myself. I love the designs and can't wait to have one very very soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PESO Kidapawan City (Public Employment Service Office)

This is the official FB  cover page of PESO Kidapawan City. It bears our purpose which is serving the people!

The Public Employment  Service Office Program is established primarily to maximize the impact of various employment promotion/creation programs and services by ensuring their speedy and efficient delivery specifically it aims to:

  1.   Provide a venue where people could explore simultaneously various employment options and actually seek assistance in pursuit of their chosen field;
  2. Create an information and referral center in one venue for the various services and programs of DOLE and other agencies available int the province/area;
  3. Provide clients with adequate information on employment and labor market situation within the area;
  4. Bring Services closer to the people by expanding reach of existing programs and services;
  5. Strengthen the concepts of devolution of functions to  and empowerment of the province/city by working closely with them. 

For more information about PESO you may visit our page at PESO Kidapawan City!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

PESO sa Barangay!

In our desire to maximize our services and to reach our constituents particularly in the fur-flung barangays of Kidapawan City, the Public Employment Service Office brings its services closer to Kidapawe├▒os through the conduct of PESO sa barangay which started June 19, 2014. Last June 27, 2014, I have a chance to joined the team in Barangay Gayola. It was fun, the feeling is great specially you're serving the least fortunate people in the locality. I love helping the grassroots specially going to the community. Our team is divided into two groups to do the barangayan alternately but am looking forward for more activity like this!

Our team leader in red Mrs. Herminia C. Infanta. Brgy. Chairman Dominador J. Nacua in blue with the rest of the PESO Staff.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

State of the City Address (SOCA)

This morning Hon. Joseph Arellano Evangelista delivered his 1st State of the City Address (SOCA) during the 52nd Regular Session of Sanguniang Panlungsod  held at Kidapawan City Gymnasium. His SOCA focus on the four (4) pillars of  his  administration. The delivery is indeed very clear and understandable hence he used 90%  vernacular terms on  of his speech. Congratulations Sir JAE for a job well done!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Birthday Tarpaulin

This what keeps me busy today. I made a gift for the birthday boy. This is Elixther Rieuu,the son of my friend Regie Roi. He will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow June 26, 2014. He is such a cutie boy. I hope he will like it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Vote Straight!

My dear nephew is running for Public Information Officer (P.I.O.). As agreed, the party decided to have a tarpaulin to be used during the campaign period. This was done rush by the author  as requested.  So thankful they like it. The election day was done last Friday and were still waiting for the final result. I hope kuya Dei and its partymates will be declared as winners!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Please be sincere!

Happiness is immeasurable when you give something with all of your heart. It doesn't matter how small it is as long as it is given whole-heartedly is becomes PRICELESS! I just want to share something, I knew somebody who comes from rags to riches. She helps the poor, YES but it was not  that sincere. Why? because every time she opens her hands, she also opens her mouth. I need not elaborate the meaning of this but I hope she realized that a facade personality never last and the wealth that she posses now can be vanished anytime.  I'd rather be friend to those who are poor because most of them has a genuine heart. :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thanks Paypal and Landbank

Since my blogging years has begun, withdrawal time  is a dilemma on my part because my EON  has a problem. I have visited Unionbank for several times to address the said problem but it was not settled. I've change may card and renewed my account yet same problem occurs every withdrawals. That situation affects my blogging hence disappointments stroke me badly. I am very thankful to my dear bff Elaine Mae for the patience every time I do my withdrawals before.

Just recently, I discovered something and thank you Land Bank of the Philippines, your the answer to my prayers! I tried to withdraw the remaining amount on my Paypal via direct to LBP using its code and bingo, it was successful! I've check it this morning and thanks GOD its real. Am so happy!  I better go back on blogging LOL! Am determined to work on my site again :) #buyahinangnatutulog na blog :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To blog or not to blog!

Three months of being silent in the blogger world makes me think over and over again,  will I blog or not to blog anymore? A friend asked me why am I so cold in the blog-sphere? That question stroke me and bring me into deep thinking again. Am I not happy anymore or what makes me so lazy to post anything? Honestly, I can't figure it  out why  am  feeling that way. Am I happy? Writing and sharing my thoughts is always a passion of me and it makes me happy whether they agree or disagree on my opinions. What keeps me lazy? I guess my schedule makes me lazy since am a moody writer. The crawling internet connection is one of my dilemma. It makes my thread so thin and resulted to a decision not to write anymore.

To blog or not to blog? Still not decided :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

8 months from now!

Whew, time flew so fast, Eight months from now were looking for another bonding of our PESO family. I'm so excited to were those adult halloween costumes I supposed to wear last year but I had an official travel  by that time so I wasn't able to joined the gang. It will be surely a another fun day, I can't wait for that day ! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Princess turned 5!

Time flew so fast, it seems like that it was just yesterday when this little princess came to this world. She is truly a blessing to me and to my family. My little darling is worth fighting for. I thank God for this precious gift. I love her so much!

Friday, February 28, 2014

We Join World Wide Walk for Typhoon Haiyan

My whole family was part of this phenomenal event. This walk is for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that stroke the country and affects millions of our countrymen. This activity is part of the Centennial Celebration of our Church, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation. The ecclesiastical district of North Cotabato  was participated by more than 6 thousands brethren and were part of it. So proud were part of this noble cause!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pretty Juvy with her new baby

My pretty friend got her new baby and she is very happy about it! Her doggy is very sporty inspired by Sporting Dog Pro. I miss my favorite doggy name Blue who is indeed a baby of our family. When Blue died, we lost a family member. Blue is our indeed my stress reliever. Good thing Blue gave us Cindu, our soldier doggy. We love him as much as we love her mommy!
Pretty Juvy with her sporty puppy!

Proud of little Kiddos

Our little kiddos did it again for the 3rd time! So proud of them, were not asking them to excel all we want is for them to learned and enjoy their studies. There achievement is a big bonus for us! Keep it up little kiddos, were so proud of you!

My little Bregie
My favorite nephew

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Helping oneself!

This quote strikes me. As much as others wanted to help us, it should be US to help ourselves more. Being happy is a choice, no one can dictate us to be feel that way but it can be influence by our own mind set. Personally being positive all the time makes me feel happy about everything. I may not have all the material things in life but I am surrounded by love of my family and friends. It's really up to us to be happy!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Sorry is not enough!

I can relate with this quote. A person  who truly loves can understand  a situation no matter how hard it is but once betrayed trust is broken. A broken trust  is like a glass that can never be build again, yes, it can be fix but far out from unstained glass.  Forgiveness can be given but the scares will still remain in the heart and cannot be forgotten. If you will be given another chance do it by heart because if now it will be turn to nothing!

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Entourage

This is the entourage of Jeph and Michelle on their wedding day. The ring bearer is my nephew Andrei Briggs and one of the flower girl is my pretty baby Andrea Lynn (beside the ring bearer). The couple with their witnesses looks very stunning on that day. Thanks to my friend China for coordinating the wedding. This wedding is very intimate and solemn as expected hence it always conform with the teaching of our church! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

From Dubai with Love!

Ever grateful to my best friend for  2 decades for being so thoughtful and generous. Thank you very much Arvin Klyde Moscoso Bacus for this wonderful gift. You really know my weakness :). I am so thankful to have a bff in your person. Your friendship for ample of years is truly a blessing! We may not see each other that often, we may not talk everyday but we know in our hearts were be best friend forever no matter what will happen. I love you bes, so proud of your success! God Bless you more :) Missing you a lot and see you soon! Take a bunch of care! Mwah :)

Renovation 101

At the end of 2013 we started renovating a portion of our home sweet home! My brother dear allotted so much time and money for the expenses including the build up of our dressers in every room and drawers full extension in the kitchen. The construction  is expected to be completed on January 20th of 2014. The house is totally a mess for several weeks but its only temporary hence once carpentry is totally finished all will be back to normal.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bessie Post it uP!

When I opened up my FB this morning, this photo was posted on my wall. This quotation makes me smile because bessie is growing up lol! For the past years, I am the one who shared this kind of sayings and now she did for a purpose. She know's what am going through and am happy because she really showed so much respect on my silence. Thank you bessie for the understanding and unconditional love of friendship you've showered to me. I love you for being so thoughtful. You're friendship is truly a gem!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Missin Jakeru!

This man is my consistent kakulitan buddy! He is a person who never failed to make everybody smile. We've been working buddies for 4 years for the Bureau of Employment Skills Registry System Project . Being an IT Coordinator of Department of Labor and Employment North Cotabato Field Office, Jakeru is very supportive and accommodating. It's just like were playing when were working together. This 2014 he is now officially out as IT Coordinator of DOLE. He moves to Department of  Agriculture Provincial Office for greener pasture. I'll be missing my buddy Jakeru but am happy for his next leap to success!
Jakeru & Me @ Regional Validation of SRS

SRS Regional Planning

Convocation 2014

Our Department sponsored the First Convocation for Calendar Year 2014. To our desire to entertained our audience and give them a good program; our boss required us to give a dance number. The whole gang really had fun on our dance number hence loud  roar, applause and laughing hit the city gymnasium. This two men in the picture were the first performers, thanks to raquel welch wigs for making them look good and funky.  
This is the first time that our section participated in a dance number and it was worth it! Seeing our audience smile,hearing them roar and receiving applause after our performance is very rewarding :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lola Ceiling's 86th birthday!

Were so blessed to have Lola Celing Aguilar with us! She is one person who inspires us to bind our family together no matter what will happen. For better or for worst family will always be a family. She is indeed an inspiration to the whole clan of Aguilar so to us, as her extended family. We're happy to celebrate her 86th birthday and looking for more blessed years to come with God's grace and guidance. We love  you lola " wah" as her grandchildren called her :)