Friday, June 20, 2014

Thanks Paypal and Landbank

Since my blogging years has begun, withdrawal time  is a dilemma on my part because my EON  has a problem. I have visited Unionbank for several times to address the said problem but it was not settled. I've change may card and renewed my account yet same problem occurs every withdrawals. That situation affects my blogging hence disappointments stroke me badly. I am very thankful to my dear bff Elaine Mae for the patience every time I do my withdrawals before.

Just recently, I discovered something and thank you Land Bank of the Philippines, your the answer to my prayers! I tried to withdraw the remaining amount on my Paypal via direct to LBP using its code and bingo, it was successful! I've check it this morning and thanks GOD its real. Am so happy!  I better go back on blogging LOL! Am determined to work on my site again :) #buyahinangnatutulog na blog :)

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