Wednesday, June 18, 2014

To blog or not to blog!

Three months of being silent in the blogger world makes me think over and over again,  will I blog or not to blog anymore? A friend asked me why am I so cold in the blog-sphere? That question stroke me and bring me into deep thinking again. Am I not happy anymore or what makes me so lazy to post anything? Honestly, I can't figure it  out why  am  feeling that way. Am I happy? Writing and sharing my thoughts is always a passion of me and it makes me happy whether they agree or disagree on my opinions. What keeps me lazy? I guess my schedule makes me lazy since am a moody writer. The crawling internet connection is one of my dilemma. It makes my thread so thin and resulted to a decision not to write anymore.

To blog or not to blog? Still not decided :)

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Willie Evangelista said...

WillieEvangelista - If youre happy blogging ,,why not...just continue doing on what will make you happy..